Friday, October 19, 2007

World Drome Japan 2007

World Drome 2007 Super Truck A Main Final

It didnt look like they had the insane speed run event yet. This was taken from their website

From RC-Japan (Translated from German):

The "World Drome speed Contest" is delivered each year by the Japanese RC magazine "RC World". It takes place in the mountains in the proximity of Shizuoka on a cycle track.

One begins in classes, which are ajar against the genuine models:
Stick Car (pro 10 chassis; 6 cells NiMH; 25T engine of the organizer)
Super Truck (like stick Car, but with other Karo)
Indy Car (Tamiya formula chassis; BL engine, ESC of the organizer; 6 cells NiMH; fixes translation)
NASCAR Light (route car chassis; 25T engine of the organizer)
Trans to (F103GT chassis; ESC, Akku and engine of the organizer; fixes translation; Mustang body of HPI)

The fastest class is stick Car. most popularly is however trans TO class. During the whole meeting only two different engines were driven. Brushed an engine with 25 turns and a Brushless engine.

The qualification runs are driven over two minutes. Here not, who crosses the target line as the first, but the fastest time decides. In the final, which goes over four minutes, then the best position in running wins.

Trans to class was aerodynamically very delicate with 3 cells Lipo and Fords' the mustang (from the 60ern) Karo. Speeds to 95 were reached km/h. As maximum speed became estimated in the planning phase for this class 75 km/h. So one can be mistaken.

The 109 km/h mark cracked the stick Cars.

There it around a round distance running concerns and dragee a Strip, is not only this already quite considerable speeds. The walls of the Velodroms are very steep. I estimate 60 degrees. Into these curves to drive and from them come out is not easy. Depending on, on which line one drives, the handling changes. With the speed one makes a Schlenkerer of to two meters also times fast; probably that, which is not too close at the delimitation.

Each driver had a front seat passenger, that behind him stood and with Crashs and turners of other drivers warned and the line empfohl, in order to avoid a collision.
Calculated to the stick Car final caught it then that rains on. The final was delivered nevertheless. Respect for the drivers, who pointed unusual vehicle control to part.

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