Friday, December 17, 2010

The Road to 200 - Team Associated: World's Fastest R/C Cars

From the ROSSA forums:

Nic Case will be running his car on Jan 16th at the Ford Arizona test track. He is pretty confident that he will get 200mph or more. In the mean time I am continuing to prepare my rocket car and will be testing it in Jan or March, depending on weather. The planned speed is 180-200 and 220mph in stages. Also on the horizon is Brett Smith who is building a new turbine car with planned speeds of over 200mph and another team in the UK are building a twin turbine car for 200mph plus. These are only the ones I know about.

It looks like its going to seriously kick off in 2011 and ROSSA will be at the very heart of it all

Monday, December 6, 2010

Nic's 114 mph RC12R5

Nic's 143 mph RC10TC4 4s car

Set-up info on the TC4
Car --------------------------- Associated RTR TC4
Motor ---------------------------------- Neu Motors 1409 1D 6700Kv
ESC---------------------------------------Castle Creations Mamba Monster
Gear Ratio-------------------------------------36 spur x 30 pinion
Tire--------------------------------------------BSR purple foams
Radio -----------------------------------------Futaba 4PK 2.4Gz
Servo ---------------------------------- Futaba BLS252 Brushless
Battery--------------------------------------- PowerEdge 4s 3700MaH
Special setting------------10% neg Expo throttle curve --- Low timing
Body ----------------------------------------- Sebring GTP
Caster ------------------------------------6 degrees
Rear Shocks ---------------------Red springs 80wt #2 pistons
Front Shocks ---------------------Gold springs 80wt #2 pistons
Tow-In -------------------------------- 1degree front, 2 degree rear
Record speed.--------------------------------- 143.54 mph

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