Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Darkside of Drome

Darkside of Drome is a Japanese R/C blog devoted to scale oval racing. Many of the cars on this site look just like full size NASCAR. Check out the amazing rear suspension on this oval car. It works almost like a full size NASCAR suspension

Vega's Modified XRay T2'008 Prototype

Vega posted some info on his Modified XRay. He had this to say about this crazy x-ray prototype:

XRay T2'008 results:
Final gear ratio: 0.68 (Pinion 150T)
Its roll-out is: 277 mm/revolution (10 inches/revolution)
Its maximum speed is: 582 km/hour (361 miles/hours)

Final gear ratio: 0.85 (Pinion 120T)
Its roll-out is: 221 mm/revolution (8 inches/revolution)
Its maximum speed is: 465 km/hour (289 miles/hours)

Final gear ratio: 1.02 (Pinion 100T)
Its roll-out is: 184 mm/revolution (7 inches/revolution)
Its maximum speed is: 388 km/hour (241 miles/hours)

I will measure the actual speed when I have a chance to run them after testing them (I know that it will take some time to reach the goal).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Vega's modified Tamiya EVO 5

This is from Vega's blog:

This is my modified Tamiya Evo 5. I put all the batteries, and also I mounted the motor. This is what it will look like. I'm going to install:

Motor: Neumotor 1515/3D
Batteries: Thunderpower 3S+3S+6S = 12S
Final gear ratio: 1.42

The only thing modified is the motor mount.

I have to say, this car has the most power for its size that I have ever seen. Take a look at the spur gear. Its huge. Compare Vega's car to Magnus's car. If Magnus can get 135mph with a Mamba 7700 and 5s, I wonder what kind of damage Vega can do with a Neu 1515 and 12s. This will be exciting to see.

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