Thursday, July 29, 2010

ISC Ultimate Speed Run 2010 canceled

The ISC Speed Run 2010 in Topeka has been canceled due to lack of entries. Rich Zeller of Heartland Park Topeka made this announcement on Tuesday July 27th.

I want to thank the people who signed up we are sory it came to this, but with lack of turnout the plug is being pulled.

Rich Zeller

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tim Mohr Record RC Long Jump at Big Squid RC Ramp Bash - 176 feet

Here are some others:

Adam Drake 144'

Richard Saxton 137.3'

Gadget show:

The classic house jump with Josh Cyrul:

Friday, July 9, 2010

ISC Ultimate Speed Run August 15,16 2010

The ISC has announced their Ultimate Speed Run for 2010. It will be held at Heartland Park in Topeka Kansas. Softpacks will be allowed:

Soft packs okay at Topeka only!!!!!!
Apparently the Topeka local practice is to run soft packs and our rules were based on what is run locally here. The hard case rule has been in effect for several months so this really shouldn't have been such a late surprise. Maybe we should have alerted y'all to that change better, maybe y'all should have read the rules closer. Whatever, we really want this race to happen so in the interest of racing unity we are withdrawing the requirement for hard cases for this meet only.

Because of the confusion caused by this issue we must bump the signup deadline to July 8th. That gives you two weeks to get signed up. The ball is in your court. At this point in time there is only one entry from anywhere east of the Rockies.

Looking forward to running at Heartland…..I'm signed up, my plane tickets are bought and my room is reserved.

-Gary O.

Nic Case shooting for 200mph

Here are the latest photos of Nic's new speed demon. This is what he had to say:

Here is the latest on my Streamliner build.
The car is coming along nicely; Area 51 Design Works (Associated) is doing an amazing job with all of their support. I’d imagine this will be a “rock-solid” car – once on-the-way. With all the input of experienced, talented individuals – the possibility of reaching 200mph with an R/C car, is in reach.

On August 15th, at Heartland park dragway -- we will find out if this beast can do it.
The power of a 1521 Neu motor, 12 cell PowerEdge Lipo battery, and the sophisticated power management of a Castle Creations speed controller, will be the propulsion of this wheel driven creation.
The Vulcanized tires are still in the making… The body will be the same CFD developed one as last year. The gears are the finest made – 32 pitch hardened steel, by RW. The radio will be the longest range I know of – the Fasst System from Futaba.

Power Required Calculator