Wednesday, July 30, 2008

International R/C Speed Challenge, Presented by Castle-Rockingham track pictures

Dave's project

This is what Dave says about his project:

Hi, I am new to this RC stuff and normally play with the real thing. My only real experience of RC was my Tamiya Sand Rover back in the early 80s! A friend of mine has been big in to RC for a long time, and I came across this even via another website (a nitrous forum! with a member oddified.....) a few months back. I mentioned it to him and he set to work. He has now twisted my arm and I am now in the process of collecting some parts to bring something a little different to the party! Unlike most here I wont really be approaching the challenge from a 'traditional' point of view so expect something a little bit wooooo and a little bit weeee........

Read more about it here.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Electric HPI Baja

This is from "fearandloathing" who is in Iraq. This is the most badass buggy I have ever seen. This thing is pulling 180 amps and 7000 watts (9hp)! This is what he says about the project:

Here is a non Fine Design baja conversion, its total price is about 2000 bucks and will out power any electric car I have ever seen. It is running 12s2p 8000 true rc packs, hv 110 and a neu 2215 2y. It is not 100% complete yet but we went ahead and tested it out for a few battery packs and to get some test data and photos up. I say we, because it is 3 of us over here in Iraq that helped out to build it.

The battery pack in the photo is the 12s 8000, its huge, so big that we didnt have heat shrink big enough. function trumps beauty over here so we taped it up, serves its purpose. 2 6s 5000 true rc packs fit nicely and we ran that setup for about 30 minutes without any problems, batteries only took about 3500 mah to charge. not bad for such a big car. total weight rtr with 5000 packs is 23.5 pounds. no idea with the 8000 packs.

The hv 110 works like a dream using the pistix adaptor. we put two fans on it and it never gets too hot, i did not have a temp gun but i doubt it was ever over 150.

The 2215 is huge and has a small fan built into it so it stays cool, especially compared to how hot a neu can get in a revo. since the photos were taken, we made a cap similar to a rcmonster neu cap but we milled holes in it and put a screen on the inside so the motor can cool itself but keep dirt out.

The adaptor for connecting the motor to the pinion gear is really simple and would be easy for rcmonster to make them and the motor mount. these are the only two pieces that really require a machine shop. i would like to see mike sell these kits just so there is a cheaper alternative to fine design, he is bad business, i ordered a lehner motor from him in february and he has yet to get me my purchase, just keeps giving me the run around. anyways......

We did our testing on concrete over here but everything is covered in dust so traction is horrible. The ET graph with over 7000 watts was used with a dually kit, 4 tires gave it great traction, it even flipped backwards a few times. The second graph was with street tires and about 3 pounds of tungsten weights attached to the back of the car, like i said, traction is horrible with baby powder sprinkled on the road. The gps clocked it at 57 mph with both setups.

I think we can get it to go a little faster once we get the left side rear bulkhead to chassis support installed. without that support it tends to torque steer to the right, to the point of losing control when you get it going to 57 mph and floor it. 10hp is quite a sight to see in an electirc rc car. we blew two tires in testing.

The biggest shock to me was the power output of the true rc packs. i have been a devoted customer to him for some time now, i have owned all of the major brand of lipos and his are by far the best for your money, when it comes to value and performance. these 10c 8000 packs were putting out right at 180 amps and never went below 3 volts, compare that to some of the more expensive batteries.

Overall, this car is a beast, it drives like a real car and the tires even squeal on concrete. it is strange to see it zoom to full speed in a few seconds and only make that great electric humming sound. plus, how many people have pushed over 7000watts in their rc car?

Nic Case's 86.9 mph Vendetta

Brian G's OFNA Ultra GTP speed project

Brian G's equipment:

CC HV-110, pistix adaptor, Neu 1515 2.5d (kv=1650), Spektrum, stock servos. Was going to go with 10s lipo for top speed, but dunno. Might just stick with 8s. Either that, or get a different motor and go 12s.

More pics here

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Video: 4 engine "Problem Child"

Gary said this about the run:

I have removed two of the engines because I blew up the high gear for the rear engines last night. Just shake down runs only hitting 70-75 mph.

Video: "Problem Child Jr" 78 mph run

More info here

Gary says this about the project:

Just so I would have a car to run competitively at our club speed runs I changed my NTC3 oval car into a speed run car. It runs a .12 Sirio engine with taller gears and at out first meet it ran 59 mph using production pinion gears.

I swapped in a couple custom gears for second, and running the old second gear as first. The first gear was okay but second was too high so I'll drop it down but that'll mean fitting a couple custom gears again.

I'm really going to push the aero envelope and make it as clean as I can with a stock car body. My plan is to swap over to a larger engine (a .28 or maybe one of my Piccos) later and see what I can do with that.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The International R/C Speed Challenge - presented by Castle

International R/C Speed Challenge-Presented by Castle
Is happening this year Oct 4th @ Rockingham Dragway
We will use ROSSA rules & DUAL Optical Speed traps.
There are plenty of classes for everyone
How Fast is your car? – Prove it to the World
Rockingham Dragway is a First Class facility.- Billy Weeks is the race director
*******Extreme R/C & R/C Driver will be covering the event!*******
---other magazines welcome---

The "International Speed Cup" is for the over-all fastest speed in the world! It’s a perpetual Award---(Similar to a Stanley Cup)------ Starting at the UK event ------ and if us Americans can TOP the Britt's speed------ the "International Speed Cup" comes to the United States!---
only the fastest driver in the world will ever possess the “Cup”

There will be a 100 mph club -----You will receive a special embroidered hat for everyone that breaks the century mark!

This event qualifies for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Be a part of History; feel the need--- the NEED FOR SPEED!

Entry Form

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Too good to pass up...Classic IFMAR Off-Road Worlds Videos from 1987,1989

1989 IFMAR world championships 2WD A Final 1


I know these aren't speed related, but I found these videos and they are too good to pass up. This is classic off-road racing from the 1987 IFMAR Worlds and the 1989 IFMAR Worlds.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Video: Gary O's 4 engine "Problem Child" starting up

Gary has some trouble getting all the engines warmed up, but once they all get going, this thing screams.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More information on R/C Speed Challenge 2008

This is what Nic Case said about the event:

Hi Guys

Yes-- the cat is out of the bag.......We will have a speed run in the United States-- on Oct 4th!
We will use ROSSA rules & an Optical Speed trap. This is going to be a blast!
I understand North Carolina is very nice in Oct.
We have a lot of support from sponsors. Thanks to Billy Weeks for handling the race director/Promoter duties... Smiley

Special thanks to Tony Lovering (aka AJ/ziggy 12345) for having this site & being the founder of ROSSA...!

R/C Driver has committed to a 2 page article
Extreme R/C is interested

We will have an "International Cup" for the over-all fastest speed ---- Starting at the UK event –
-- and if us Americans can beat the Britt's speed--------- the "International Cup" comes to the USA!

There will be a 100 mph club ------- A special embroidered hat for everyone that breaks the century mark.

We are in the process of getting the details for the "Flyer"------ so, stay tuned.

Speed is Cool

More information can be found here.

R/C Speed Challenge 2008 Officially announced! October 4th at Rockinham N.C. - Sponsored by Castle Creations

Picture from the 2007 event

The 2008 R/C Speed Challenge has been officially announced today. It will be hosted at Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina October 4th 2008. It is sponsored by Castle Creations. Click the Castle logo above to get more information about the event. Details are still being ironed out, but the event will happen this year.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More pics of Mutie's GTRe

Mutie has been making some great progress on his twin motor GTRe with A123 cells. This car is amazing. More of Mutie's Schumacher Menace GTRe here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gary O's 4 engine "Problem Child"

Gary had this to say about his car:

I have been working on a four engine car for about 9 months now, initially bent on blowing Ziggy's record out of the water and bring it back to the USA. Unfortunately, he's such a nice guy that I'll feel bad when I do eventually set a new one, but only for a minute or two.

The car is based on a couple Associated NTC3's. Some early photos show the NTC3 parts that are pretty much hidden in the finished car...

It's powered by four .21 Picco P9 engines which have proven to be very problematic, living up to it's name....

Read more about Gary's car here

Randy's Spare parts car

This is what Randy has to say about the car:

This is a project I call-Spare Parts. It was built out of parts from many Associated cars.

The chassis is from a rc10
Tranny and arms from a Dual Sport.
Front bulkhead and steering from a rc10b3
Body is from a rc10b3
Wheels are from a rc10b4

I am doing testing with a sidewinder with a 5700 motor, and a trinity 4500 lipo. When its handling well and topped out with that setup, I will swap in my MM and go to 4s lipo. I won't be attending any speed events, unless something comes closer to the mid part of the US. This is just for my amusement. Hopefully I can get some pics to post.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bikeracer's Speed Bike

Click on the picture for more information

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mutie's Schumacher Menace GTRe

This is what "Mutie" has to say about the car:

I don't know how fast it will go but it is geared for 175mph (will increase if i add cells). hopefully i will get to test it, if i measure current significantly below 100amps and heat is not too bad and all else is well i will add cells for more speed

i have assumed the internal ratio of the menace is about 4:1 (i may be incorrect here )

on paper the ESC's have a maximum power rating of 5kw each, the motors are 3.5kw each and the batteries have a burst power rating of over 400 watts per cell, over 6kw with the current configuration of 8s. Loads of potential for magic smoke.....

I have a 3VC and was planning to use the traction control feature to limit initial stall current (it will enable me to program the throttle advance curve) , does this make sense with brushless motors? Huh?

i will remove the rear wing, thanks ziggy.

i hope the plywood can hold up!

Power Required Calculator