Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Results from the 2010 ROSSA speed run

The 2010 ROSSA r/c speed run was held September 11-12th in the U.K. Here are the initial results:

Class winners

2 Cell
Kevin Simms
New Worlds Record

4 Cell
Kevin Simms

Electric Open
Andrew Lewis

Electric Open Wheel
Kevin Simms
New Worlds Record

IC Small Block
A J Lovering

IC Big Bock
Alan Simms

IC Open
A J Lovering

Jacob Collins

Check here for more information.

Monday, September 6, 2010

NIc Case's testing video -162mph

Video of Nic Case's testing from September 1st. 162 mph.

Shakedown test of Nic Case's
Associated Speed Run Car -- at 162mph
Sept 1st 2010
The Fastest R/C Car I've ever run.

Next time, we'll put the speed trap 200 feet further down track..

Thanks for the support of these People;
Curtis Husting -- Area 51 Design Works
Cliff Lett -- Team Associated
John Foister -- BSR tires
Bryan Blaser -- Professional Photography
Tracy Case -- Videography
Evan Chapkis -- PowerEdge batteries
Scott Cramer -- Futaba Fasst System
Joe Ford -- Castle Creations
Steve Neu -- Neu Motors
Neil Stubbington -- RW Racing Gears
Dave Kruse -- Metal Rubber
Mak Miura -- Field Support
Greg Hutting -- Flexible Support
Matt Shumaker -- Preparation Support
John Trino -- Field Support

Looking forward to going Faster!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Power Required Calculator