Friday, March 20, 2009

Video: BoostCrzy hits 99.4mph

BoostCrzy hit 99.4 mph with his Traxxas 4-tec and Castle Creations 5700 Mamba system.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CRISPYSQRL and BoostCrzy looking for big numbers

CRISPYSQRL and BoostCrzy are good friends working on some top speed cars. BoostCrzy is working on a Traxxas 4-tec, and CRISPYSQRL has a Castle Creations powered Team Associated TC4. They both have awesome threads going. BoostCrzy's build thread is here. CRISPYSQRL's build thread is here. So far BoostCrzy has gone 91.4mph:

BoostCrzy's 87mph run:

CRISPYSQRL has gone 82.9mph

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Castle Creations 9000KV Motor in RCCA

Radio Controlled Car Action took the new Castle Creations 9000KV bruhsless motor for a spin in a TC4. This thing is a rocket! Here's what they had to say:

I pegged the throttle. The car took off like a rocket but still was manageable to control. The radar gun clocked the first pass at 66mph. I was very impressed. There was no cogging at start, and the motor was cold to the touch after one run. I made more passes and was able to get 67mph out of the motor. I probably made about 15 passes, and the motor was still cool to the touch. The motor ran great and could have been geared a lot higher. I will definitely gear up and revisit this motor; I think I could easily have hit 75 or 80mph...

Check out the full article here.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Video: Speed Freak's flying TF-5

Speed Freak's
first speed attempt in his Kyosho TF-5. His setup is a Mamba 7700 with a Mamba Max speed control, 3s and gearing of 3.79:1.

Video: Gernot K. Mittlere-101mph

Gernot has a website describing his project:

Not having found satisfaction in my job so far, I was looking for a new challenge that ought to match my idea of creativity. Finally, I found back to the construction of model cars – an activity which had been one of my favourites since my youth and I focussed mainly on remote-controlled model helicopters. Moreover, I started developping a competitive electric Speed Car that arrived at a speed of 163,3 km/h. This successful piece of work inspired me at last to train as a CNC Programmer/Machinist and a CAD Operator to start up my own business in model making.

E1-Speed Car Specs:

Wheelbase: 260mm
Width: 200mm
Chassie driving weight: 1860 gr
Tire Diameter: 57mm vo; hi 62 mm
Ground clearance: 7.5 mm vo, hi 8 mm
6 mm Ground clearance, front axle Range: 6 mm
10mm Ground clearance, Rear axle: 10mm
Translation Module 1: 2,14-2,91: 1
LiPo Battery 2 X 2S LiPo pack
Motors up to 1500 W

Power Required Calculator