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Video: ISC USR 2009 Nic Case runs

Nic's 3 successful runs with his original car, the fourth with his velodrome car. The original car was clocked at 154mph (3rd run), the velodrome car 129mph.

ISC USR 2009 speed runs zoom-cam

Official ISC records

Official ISC Speed Records

Straight Line

Electric Standard

Open Electric: 161.76 mph Nic Case
Electric Modified: 126.50 mph Tim Smith
Electric Stock 2WD: 101.61 mph Tim Smith
Electric Stock 4WD: 71.36 mph Shawn Palmer

Internal Combustion Standard

IC Open: 97.75 mph Mark Davidson
IC Big Block: 101.46 mph Jason Anderson
IC Small Block 2WD: 85.12 mph Gary O'Connor
IC Small Block 4WD: 89.95mph Bernard Heredia

Specialty Classes

Large Scale: 97.96 mph Bernard Heredia
Mini: 87.98 mph TJ Kendall
Open Wheel: 81.75 mph Beau Ramelot
Motorcycle: 92.32 mph Lito Reyes

Closed Course

Electric Standard

Open: 84.90 mph Nic Case
2wd Stock: 80.41 mph Tony Fox
4wd Stock: 68.83 mph Shawn Palmer
Modified: 76.38 mph Steve Cutshaw

Internal Combustion Standard

IC Small Block: 56.76 mph Gary O'Conner
IC Big Block: 41.29 mph Shawn Palmer

Specialty Classes:

Mini: 51.24 mph T.J. Kendall
Motorcycle: 34.41 Dwayne Lawler
Open Wheel: 50.57 Shawn Palmer
Large Scale: 61.60 Frank Killam

USR 2009 100 mph Club

These are the guys that went 100+mph at this years ISC USR 2009

Nic Case 154.43 mph (not pictured)
Tim Smith 126.50 mph
Richard Tompkins 121.43 mph
Paul Caruso 119.20 mph
Brian Sigsworth 112.14 mph
Brian Pohlman 103.23 mph
Tim Smith 101.61 mph
Jason Anderson 101.46 mph
Marc Davidson 101.24 mph

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Video from the 2009 USR

Back-to-back speed runs, with times, when available. You can see Nic's first run starting around 6:30 in this video.

Back-to-back speed runs, with times, when available. Nic's second run around 6:50 in this video.
Back-to-back speed runs, with times, when available. Nic's third run around 3:40 in this video. In the latter part of the video, the wind was so bad that the announcer couldnt be heard.

Monday, November 16, 2009

News from the USR 2009

I wasnt able to attend this years USR 2009. Here are some initial reports from the event posted on the ISC website.

From Nic Case:

Hi Everyone

The 2009 Ultimate Speed Run was awesome!

Here is where the photos & more info will be at this link.

11 New records in 12 classes -- But my previous record of 161.76 mph still stands.

40 entries from all over the country!

We had 9 go over 100 mph

Nic Case 154.43 mph
Tim Smith 126.50 mph
Richard Tompkins 121.43 mph
Paul Caruso 119.20 mph
Brian Sigsworth 112.14 mph
Brian Pohlman 103.23 mph
Tim Smith 101.61 mph
Jason Anderson 101.46 mph
Marc Davidson 101.24 mph

Congrats to all the Class Winners ---- More to come..............
Records were made to be broken

*Electric Standard*

Open Electric:
Nic Case - 161.76 mph

Electric Modified:
Tim Smith -126.5 mph

Electric Stock
Tim Smith -101.61 mph

Electric Stock 4WD:
Shawn Palmer - 71.36 mph

*Internal Combustion Standard*

IC Open:
Mark Davidson 97.75 mph

IC Big Block:
Jason Anderson 101.46 mph

IC Small Block 2WD:
Gary O’Connor 85.12 mph

IC Small Block 4WD:
Bernard Heredia 89.95 mph

*Specialty Classes*

Large Scale:
Bernard Heredia 97.96 mph

TJ Kendall 87.98 mph

Open Wheel:
Beau Ramelot 81.75 mph

Lito Reyes 92.32 mph

One of Nic Case's runs:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nic Case's 2009 USR car

From the ISC:

I've only stated working this Oct 3rd. (Just short of one year from Oct 4th 2008 -Rockingham)

Just got it together last night. I'll be trying a 6s stradegy. I've only got 2 test runs in, the fastest at 155. That was done with lowest gearing that I have --- with those Great RW gears (so quiet)! Even the motor is a little smaller - it's a NEU 1512 1.5D 3300kv - this baby's got some kick!Castle has a new speedo - HV-140 that should be good. BSR made the tires - Love-em. CD Adapco helped with some aero stuff. Same, Stout Schumacher Mi-3. The Power Edge Batteries are Very Strong. I also switched fro the 3PJ to the New Futaba 4PK -- the adjustments are awesome! And it still has 1400" of range! The servo is a digital Futaba - wow is it strong. I have a 12s set-up ready to go (if needed) ;-)


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Video: 77 mph Rc Speed Record Test at Holland International Speedway

The guys at Glenwood Rc are trying to grab the land speed record on a FULL SIZE Nascar track. Located in Holland, New York Dr. Drew leads the guys to the world of underground speed clocking the Mamba Max powered TC3 - 5000mAh 4S Lipo reaching speeds of over 70mph.

Video: How Fast?

Here is a video from "Hermes" from the ISC forums. His car is a Schumacher Mi3.5 on 10s li-po Castle Creations 2200kv motor with a Castle Creations HV-110 speed control. This is what he said about the run:

Well I went out to do a few runs today after some minor adjustments to the wing and a few other things the first run was pretty good and the radar read 27 mph,second run was better 131mph but my son took a picture instead of a video,third run was by far the fastest to date and the radar read 44mph I think the gun forgot to carry the one!Here's the video you be the judge.

How fast do you think it went?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Top Speed Power calculator added to RC Monster

Brian G over at the R/C Monster forums has added my top speed power calculator to the list of helpful tools. Thanks Brian.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ISC closed course speed run results

Posted by Nic Case at the ISC forums:

A quick run down – of the ISC Insane Speed Run at Indy
New Closed Course records were set --- results, to be posted soon at

Shawn Palmer - Open Wheel on foams, 50.57 mph. With a 4wd off road CAT

Tony Fox -- 2WD stock 80.41mph this is going to be hard to beat.

Shawn Palmer--4WD Stock record to 68.83mph. with a Velo nascar body on his Schumacher Mi-4

Steve Cutshaw -- Electric MOD 76.38mph to claim the new record with his old school car.

And little ol me -- Electric OPEN 84.90mph in an incredible thrash session from my pit crew changing tires

John Foister had a some cars to beat – but it just did'nt pan out for him. I learned a lot from you John --Thanks buddy.
A big thank you to Gerry & Brent for all the timing and computer help.
Thanks to everyone, Mark, John, Bob, Matt , Tony, Steve, Brian, Mike, Shawn, All the help with tools ,parts canopy, everything. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone…..
You guys are great! Can wait to come back next year. – Maybe during a Fun-Run. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 14, 2009

ISC speed challenge (closed course) initial report

The 2nd closed course event for the ISC was held this weekend at the Major Taylor Velodrome in INdiana this past weekend. The reports are just being posted:

From Mike Ogle:

Just got back from Indianapolis this evening, here's a recap of what went down.

Shawn Palmer set the mark in Open Wheel with a 4WD Schumacher CAT 4wd buggy on foams, 50.57 mph. Also bumped up his own 4WD Stock record to 68.83.

Local racer Tony Fox reset 2WD stock to 80.41, fast lap being a 9.27 seconds.

Steve Cutshaw dusts off his old oval car setup, 6-NiMH cells, D5 brushed motor, enters it into Electric MOD (!!!) and goes 76.38 to claim the new record.

Nic Case bests his own Electric OPEN 83.76 record from Encino with an 84.90 in an incredible thrash session of blowing up and changing tires and showcasing some exceptional high-speed car handling skills.

The Indy host club was as nice a group of people as you could ever meet, Mr. Gerry Pullum went above and beyond to make sure everyone came away with something... a door prize, a plaque, a trophy, or just a big smile.

Really fun weekend, excellent weather, we had a blast... more details to follow...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quick report from the 2009 ROSSA speed challenge

Written by Tony Lovering:

Hi Guys

Just back from the event so here is a quick review just to keep people updated. More reports, vids and pics will follow.

The weather on Saturday was perfect with bright sunny weather and we were off to flying start right away. Kevin Simms blasted the UK record set by Vassmar last year at 104mph with a run of 111mph with his Losi XXXs.

I was concentrating on the rocket car and manages a decent run with 1/2 NOS at 58mph. The car went straight so we were all set for a flying run. Next run saw a craking 117mph much to Kevins dismay.

Kevin also was putting in flying times with his B4 buggy of 94-97mph.

Jay was putting in some really ast times with his 2 cell stock car and was pushing the record right up to 87mph.

The final run with the rocket car on the Saturday was clocked at 107mph.

Ken turned up and concentrated in getting his jet car preapared for the sunday.

Sunday came and it was dry but a bit windy. The times were a bit lower but lots of good times were posted in the 80s and 90s. Keving plugged away all day with his B4 and manged to finall break the 100mph barrier. Jony Bast from Sweden plugged away with his 4cell 2wd F1 car and got 94mph. Andy managed a decent 51mph with hos revo. Tom pennington couldnt better the 75mph he got with his xray 2 cell on the first day. Jay and Time were setting decent times and Allan Waterfall and John Veal were having their usuall too and fro on their IC bikes. John managed to come out on top this year with 85mph.

Then there was the final run with the rocket...

The previous runs were pretty good and I knew the car had potential for more speed. As this was the last run I opened the NOS injector up from 1.5mm to 2mm and the exit nozzle from 8.5mm to 9.5mm. I filled the accumulator with over 16oz of NOZ and pressureed it up to 1100 psi and set it up about 200m firther back than the previous run.

Tom hit the ignitor and I waited a good 5 seconds for the heat to build before I pulled the throttle and off she went. The rocket started slow and at about 1/3rd of the way into the run really took off. The car went through the speed trap and started to vear so I tried a correction but it went over and skidded about 100m on its room.

The guys ran over to the speed trap and read the numbers...

163.58mph and a new worlds record beating the existing record set by Nic Case of 161.76mph last year.

I'm waiting for the videos but hope to post something really soon

Thanks to everybody who turned up and made the event what it was. I'm sure all of you pus many more will be back again next year.

Also thanks to Jerremy at the drag strip who supports our events and does a fantastic job of preparing reviews for mags and other promo stuff.

Special thanks to Tom for his help again and also for the techincal input of Carolyn Chambers without hwhos help I could not have built the rocket car

A full report will be out soon


Video: Tony's 163.51 mph solid rocket car

More info here.

UK ROSSA speed event September 12-13th

The UK ROSSA speed event is this weekend. Results arent up yet but here is a video of some practice runs. In this video is a Losi Speed NT, touring car and Tony's solid rocket car. Initial reports are coming in that Tony L. got 163.58 mph with his solid rocket car:

Just back from the event!! What a weekend. Yes the rocket car managed 163.58mph on the final run so a new worlds record. I'll post some more on the forums

There will be more videos posted as they come in.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Video: 100 mph brushless Team Associated RC8

Mike used a Castle Creations 2650kv on 6S a 25T pinion, custom fitted 34t spur gear, ofna foam tires and adjusted the suspension to reach these insane speeds.Mike had a couple comments about the run:
We had no need for the gyro, it go pretty straight the way we setup it.

The wing really have a role to play, run a buggy without wing and i guarantee you will lose control over 50mph, it will spin out. :)

We did changed the wing though, the stock RC8 wing had too much downforce and the buggy was lifting slowly the front end, we had no steering over 75mph lol and sometimes it was lifting slowly, that buggy is very controllable!

Its an ofna hi downforce wing that we have cut a part of the downforce...
just to have the right amount of downforce at 100mph.

We set the rear with a slight toe-in, barely, cant say the degree...i have no idea lol

we try to have the best contact with the road with the camber.
And the most important is to adjust them so its the same left and right, everything need to be very precise... if the car slightly pull left or right it will slow it down.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sneak Peek: Urban Assault Racing's new dragster

Urban Assault Racing offers 3 chassis at this time ProStock, Promod and Funny Car. They will be price at $349 each. These cars perform best using Castle Creations Motors and Brushless ESC with Thunder Power batteries.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Video: Mike Peperni's 78mph SC8E

This is what Mike said about the run:

We wanted to see what kind of top speed we could get out of the SC8!
the setup had plenty of power to move the truck, but the way the truck is made it is very light over 70mph, sometimes it was getting airborn! We used a Neu 1515 1.5d, MMM esc, on 6S (2X 3S) ThunderPower 40C 5000mah and ofna rubber tires, didnt had the foam tires available at that time...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New contender in drag racing

There is a new premium drag racing chassis to race against now. Urban Assault Racing has engineered a unique direct drive drag racing chassis. It utilizes a "Torque Tube" design to minimize distortion due to the high torque of today's brushless motors. Could this be the fastest 2wd R/C car available? First production "prototype" will be completed in the next few days with final production to start soon after. Check out Urban Assault Racing for more details.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rick Kelly's MoJet

Rick Kelly has been working on a scale R/C model of the Thrust SSC.

This was posted on LookForward:

20 May 2009

Rick Kelly's world speed record attempt today.

The Holden V8 Supercar driver Rick Kelly will attempt to break the Guinness World Land Speed Record today with his jet-powered remote controlled Red Bull Mojet T40 vehicle at the Holden Proving Ground in Lang Lang.

The Red Bull Mojet T40 is powered by two jet engines, creating 40 pounds of thrust and is a 1:10 scale replica of the Thrust SSC machine that set the outright World Land Speed Record in 1997. Kelly has built the Red Bull Mojet T40 himself from scratch and devoted over 750 hours of time into the project over a three-year period, with Wednesday’s record attempt the culmination of all that effort.

The world record attempt will take place on the 4.7-kilometre High Speed Ring at the Holden Proving Ground. The Red Bull Mojet T40 will drive around the course, with Rick Kelly following as a passenger in a chase vehicle, with the radio control hand unit to steer and operate the remote control machine. It is expected that the Red Bull Mojet T40, powered by its two jet engines that produce around 40 pounds of thrust, will reach speeds of around 150km/h during the world record attempt.

Rick didnt get too far. In this video, he crashes soon after he gets going. Here is some video of an interview with Rick and some more info about the car.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Video: Comparing Speeds of 3s and 6s, 75mph RC8e

From Mike:

My friend wanted to see the difference between a 3S and a 6S in top speed, using the exact same setup for both lipo.

Setup is MMM 2650kv combo
We run a 21T pinion wich is the gearing used or bashing.
First part is 3S with offroad tires, to give an idea we use 5S for bashing... lol

Then we installed the OFNA foam and tested the difference , 1st is 3S MaxAmp 5250mah 30C, 2nd 3S Thunder Power 4200mah 40C, and last is 6S PolyRC 5000mah 30c.

The 3S thunder power had more punch and even a little more top speed than the maxamp...

More info for the Ultimate Speed Run

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ISC Ultimate Speed Run November 14-15th 2009

Get Ready for Ultimate Speed Run

The Biggest– most highly publicized Radio Controlled Speed Run ever!

Come compete for World Records – in the 12 separate ISC classes. This Straight-line Event will be 2 days of exciting action. It will be held at the Auto Club Dragway Nov 14th & 15th, 2009. All Info will be available very soon & entries will be limited to 60 (Entry will officially open July 25th) so acting quickly is advised. So, make your plans now - this is the Ultimate Speed Run. Bring It!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Video: Comparing GPS and radar speeds

Mike Peperni said this:

Just did a small test with my friend, i was holding the radar outside the car aiming the side of the road, as you can see it work pretty good, and i had the revo with the GPS on my knees,

My friend was trying to get 60 mph and hold that speed, 60mph= 97 kmh

It was made exactly where we do our speed runs.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

ISC Closed Course speed run scheduled

It has just been announced that there will be an Insane Speed Run this year during the September Velodrome Nationals at the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indiana. There will be a designated practice for Insane Speed Run on Friday Sept. 11th and the Insane Speed Run will be run immediately following the 3rd Qualifier on Saturday Sept. 12 th. Here are the rules for the Insane Speed Run. The International R/C Speed Challenge will have their officials on site to make sure all cars and timing are legal to qualify for ISC Closed Course World records. This Insane Speed Run will be for Electric Classes only as the Major Taylor Velodrome does not allow gas cars to run on the track.

The classes will be:

Stock 2wd
Stock 4wd
Large Scale
Open Wheel

Here is some on-board racing of some non-insane speed run cars at the Major Taylor Velodrome:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Video: 103 mph Team Associated RC10B4

Kevin Simms has an insanely fast Team Associated RC10B4. He hit 103 mph. There is more info here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Popular Science article on R/C speed run cars

Popular Science has a great article taking a look at a couple R/C speed run cars. Nic Case's 161 mph Mi3 is in there, including Gary O'Connor's 4 engine 93 mph car, Jack Cecil's 111 mph Traxxas 4-tec and Nick Maslowski's custom 97 mph RC10L4 called the "X2".

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Video: Practice ROSSA event

ROSSA held their practice speed event June 6-7th to test and tune for the big speed event on September 12-13th. Heres what Ziggy had to say:

Well I think we can call that a success!

Allan Waterfall broke the WORLD bike speed record with a recorded speed of 91.52mph with his IC powered bike. The bike didn't survive the slowdown but I don't think Allan was worried.

Kevin Simms got 102.99 mph with his Losi running 4 cells and a mamba max system. He was using rubber tyres on the rear and foams on the front. Well done Kevin! Send me your address and I'll post you your hat

I managed 87mph with the twin dragster before it gave up the ghost.

Then there was the rocket car...

The idea was just to give it a quick burn and see if everything was working. Myself and Tom filled it with N2O and pressured it up to 900psi. Tom lit the ignition and there was a short burst of throttle and the car moved forward quite rapid but the burn stopped. I thought we had put out the rocket so opened the throttle fully to see the liquid N2O coming out the back but nothing happened. Then there was a very large noise and the rocket jumped back into life and took off at the most incredible speed I have ever seen!!!!

I was so stunned. The car then veered to the right and I tried to straighten it out but it got out of control very quickly so I shut off the throttle. The car then skidded into the timing trap. The car covered about 100m in a little over a second and the whole show was over in about 2 1/2 seconds But MY GOD!! WHAT ACCELERATION!!

It was the most awesome thing I have seen and now I am addicted. The car works and has the potential for incredible top speeds so I wont be happy unless I can get this thing to 200+ and I would say that's just the start.

John has a short video and I'll upload it when he has posted it on his site


Monday, June 1, 2009

U.K. Speed Event September 12-13th

The Brits have announced their Speed Run event for this year. It will be September 12-13 2009 at the Long Marston Airfield, Warwickshire England.

Official ROSSA classes here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Video: Joe Ford's ballistic Kyosho GT2

Joe Ford's personal builder, Joe Lammers

He said this about the car:

I started out wanting to have an r/c car that would come close to 100...what I ended up with is one that is WELL capable of much more than that. I teamed up with Kyosho, RC Monster, Hitec, and to come up with one MONSTER of an electric conversion. The stock vehicle ran very well, great engine compression, handled well...just needed e-power, more speed, and it had to be worthy of the Castle name that would be going on it.

Hitec donated some of their 5645MG servos for the steering and brake/throttle control. More than enough torque, and are super smooth!

RC Monster Mike donated a conversion kit for the GT2 that keeps the 2 speed transmission as well as the mechanical brake. The parts are of the HIGHEST quality! He also sent me out THE largest pinion I have EVER first glance you almost think the pinion is the spur!!! It was rather tedious to install since the gear closest to the motor mount blocked access to the hex head motor mount screws. After removing the center diff, adjusting the motor mount position, and putting it all back in place over and over we FINALLY got it to mesh PEFECTLY!!!

CheapBatteryPacks was kind enough to offer up one of the 6s 5300 30C lipos for juice. This pack has TONS of punch, and handles the current VERY well. After a nearly full run the pack was barely warm! Can't wait to try some of their new 5000mah 35C cells in there!

My employer, Castle Creations donated our 2200kv Monster Max combo for the project. With a motor based on Steve Neu's 1515/1Y motor (arguably the best motor manufacturer in the world), I knew I could expect some serious power, but was surprised at just how much I got. With the gearing I am running and current it is drawing the motor does need some time to cool down between runs (but it's do my nerves!). If I can get a handle on all the power the 2200kv system provides I'll be going up to the 2650kv motor with the same battery and gearing. It's currently geared for about 140mph, the 2650 would take it up to about 170mph according to Mike @ RCM.

The whole conversion process took approximately 2-3 hours max from start to finish. Very easy to do...especially with the assistance of this vid, and any of you speed demons out there that are looking to break 100mph without spending any more than you would on any other 1/8th scale e-conversion, I STRONGLY suggest you give the Inferno GT2 e-conversion a try.

LOTS more work to do on the vehicle to get it more stable at high speed, but I'm confident we'll overcome that soon. Keep your eyes peeled for update videos!!!!!!!!!

He also said this about the car:

Car is a Kyosho Inferno GT2, 2 speed tranny still in it, RC Monster conversion kit with special high speed pinion (dang near as large as the spur gears), 6s lipo, Monster Max 2200. Not sure how fast she's going, but it's not too shabby. Getting my neighbor (a KS Highway Patrolman) to radar it. The bigger the car, the slower it looks like it's going...know that from my pylon planes. Anyone care to estimate?

Joe Ford wanted to emphasize that this car can be put together with no custom components:

And yes, that's a bone stock Monster Max 2200 combo. Right out of the box, just like you can get at your LHS. I wanted to make it a point that none of the components I used in the vehicle could not be purchased by everyone. You can get everything in the car from a distributor online or LHS.

Video: more high speed action from the 2009 Insane Speed Run

Tim Smith

Nic Case

Chris Chappell.

Tim Smith

Video: 86 mph Team Associated RC10B4

Kevin Simms has hit 86 mph with his Team Associated RC10B4 on 4s. He said this about his car:

ive had this car on the isc forum before but now im going to share this one with you people. The car has a neater set u now and im going to lower the car a little because ive replaced my old front tires with 2 large o-rings from b and q. The car is on 4s lipo and ive had it so far go 78mph but im still fiddeling with the gear set up. Its also got a front wing to keep it from flipping. Im now going to try it with out a wing because its gettin lowered it shouldnt handle like a boat. The front o-rings make the car not handle as good but thats a good thing so the back end doesnt come round and without a wing im hoping for 80+. il have pics on tommorow.

the b4 has the normal buggy wheels at the front but they are cut in half and im using o-rings it helps the car from looing control and its actually veryeasy to control. Als using the t4 rear foams at the moment half the shell is cut to fit the wires but ill put on different connectors so ill be puttin a new shell on it. I may also have an neu 1512 or lehner basic xl for it not sure yet. Ive also got to change the pinion for 90 plus mph. I wasnt really after anything just thought if there was there would be some good things to pick up from there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More pics of the fastest rc cars on a closed course.

These spectacular pictures were taken by RCMits and AceKingMedia. There are plenty more to see here.

Power Required Calculator