Monday, July 20, 2009

Rick Kelly's MoJet

Rick Kelly has been working on a scale R/C model of the Thrust SSC.

This was posted on LookForward:

20 May 2009

Rick Kelly's world speed record attempt today.

The Holden V8 Supercar driver Rick Kelly will attempt to break the Guinness World Land Speed Record today with his jet-powered remote controlled Red Bull Mojet T40 vehicle at the Holden Proving Ground in Lang Lang.

The Red Bull Mojet T40 is powered by two jet engines, creating 40 pounds of thrust and is a 1:10 scale replica of the Thrust SSC machine that set the outright World Land Speed Record in 1997. Kelly has built the Red Bull Mojet T40 himself from scratch and devoted over 750 hours of time into the project over a three-year period, with Wednesday’s record attempt the culmination of all that effort.

The world record attempt will take place on the 4.7-kilometre High Speed Ring at the Holden Proving Ground. The Red Bull Mojet T40 will drive around the course, with Rick Kelly following as a passenger in a chase vehicle, with the radio control hand unit to steer and operate the remote control machine. It is expected that the Red Bull Mojet T40, powered by its two jet engines that produce around 40 pounds of thrust, will reach speeds of around 150km/h during the world record attempt.

Rick didnt get too far. In this video, he crashes soon after he gets going. Here is some video of an interview with Rick and some more info about the car.

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