Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ISC Ultimate Speed Run November 14-15th 2009

Get Ready for Ultimate Speed Run

The Biggest– most highly publicized Radio Controlled Speed Run ever!

Come compete for World Records – in the 12 separate ISC classes. This Straight-line Event will be 2 days of exciting action. It will be held at the Auto Club Dragway Nov 14th & 15th, 2009. All Info will be available very soon & entries will be limited to 60 (Entry will officially open July 25th) so acting quickly is advised. So, make your plans now - this is the Ultimate Speed Run. Bring It!


workhard said...

Dear Nic

I interested in your guinness record.Please teach in detail if it is good. I want to challenge on the same regulation.Please E-mail

Yours sincerely

Nick Maslowski said...

Nic's Guinness record is 134.4 mph. Nic has gone 161.76 mph that isn't recognized by Guinness yet, but it should be in the future. You can find all the info about his 161.76 mph car here:


The rules are here:


Power Required Calculator