Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Video: Has Magnus broken the world record? 135.3 mph?

Magnus's 135mph run?

Team Associated TC4
Mamba Max 7700 motor setup
DesirePower 5S 3700mAh 25C LiPo batteries

Has Magnus broken Nic Case's world record? Magnus still hasn't verified his speed with a radar gun or speed trap. He is using only a Venom speed meter to measure his speeds. It can be a good estimate of his speed, but only until he gets a radar gun and verified for a more accurate reading. Since it is so dark in the video, you cant see Magnus's car, but you can hear it. See if it sounds any different than Nic Case's World Record run of 134.4 mph:

Nic Case's 134.4 mph run

Magnus had this to say about the run:

I tested with the 5S again today and reached 135.3mph. But i want to verfy it with a radar gun so i hope the one i ordered will be here by next week. But it defently went fast than before. It was whole nother sound from the car (the sound of an over revving motor haha) so it was quicker for sure.

New update is coming in a few days when i've mounted the proper spur. I have the old 75t on instead of the 68t that i've been using the last times.

He says this about the video:

EDIT: Top quality video.. not.. but you can almost see the car lol. But you can defently here that it is going faster than before by the sound of the motor. And as always, I did about 3-4 runs with basicly the same speed. And FYI I will make new runs tomorrow if i get time in daylight.

I'll keep you posted on how Magnus does in the coming days. He posts at Speed Freaks. This is a forum were all the fast guys have been talking about their cars .

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Magnus at 126.7 mph?!

Magnus just posted his speed of 126.7 mph He made a couple changes by trimming the body posts and adding winglets on the front of the car to keep it from blowing over. Looks like Magnus is consistent with his speeds. Hes doing really well. Keep it up Magnus! Video to come...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Video: Magnus at 121.7 mph?!!

Magnus's setup:
Brushless TC4
Mamba Max 7700 motor setup
DesirePower 2S+2S 3700mAh 25C LiPo batteries

Now Magnus is using only a Venom speed meter to record his speed. This can be misleading due to the way the Venom records speed using RPM of the shaft. If his wheels are slipping at these high speeds, he is recording his wheel slippage, not his actual speed relative to the ground. We'll have to see when he gets a radar gun to see what a more realistic speed is. I just hope he doesn't obliterate his car before he can confirm his speed.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Video: Magnus at 115 mph?!

Brusless TC4 - 115.6mph/186kmh
Mamba Max 7700 motor setup
DesirePower 2S+2S 3700mAh 25C LiPo batteries

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Video: Magnus's TC4 at 107 mph

Magnus said:

After a few days of testing and tinkering i finaly reached over 100mph with my TC4, 107 to be precise. I used the Mamba Max 7700 motor setup along with two DesirePower 2S+2S 3700mAh 25C LiPo batteries.

Video: Magnus @ 85 mph

Magnus's setup:

Brushless TC4
Mamba Max 7700
DesirePower 3700mAh 25C 3S LiPo

This is what Magnus said about the run:

86 mph

And still on the 28/72 gearing, didn't have time to redo the motor mount for the 35T. I did a few changes to the chassi and mounted a cut down EP 1/10 buggy wing and now it was ALOT more driveable. So today i only crashed once lol.

Tomorrow i defently gonna have the 35T pinion in it and I will cut down the wing even more but with larger side damps. Will paint the body too if i get time aka. not feeling lazy

Short movie with the regular crash in the end

Saturday, April 5, 2008

UK World RC Car Speed Chamionships 2008

This site is for info on the UK round of the World RC Car Speed Championships 2008. Info for rules and regulations will be posted here.

Event Details

World RC Car Speed Championships 2008 UK Round

Shakespeare County Raceway
Long Marston Airfield
Long Marston
Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 8LL

20th and 21st September 2008

Entry Fee
Single Entry: £12.00
Multiple Entry £16.00

A discussion forum for the event is active. Here is the link

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fasterthanspeed's Big Block Serpent

Fasterthanspeed says:

Well I have participated in the event both years its been going on. I havent made any records yet but hope to soon. I havent had much time to work on it, but I have had a little bit of time to make a few parts for it.
Its based off a serpent impulse. With a rossi maranello in it. A futaba gyro in it. And plan on running some type of gtp body on it.

1/5 scale 26cc Zenoah on nitrous - 8.9hp!

A test engine on the dyno with nitrous..

Ian Oddie has been working on this spectacular engine for a 1/5 scale:

Even though i've been into racing Rc car racing quite seriously for many many years, i didn't know there were any organised top speed trials until Mr Lovering contacted me a few weeks ago and made me aware of it all!!

All very very interesting, but i don't see many 1/5th large scale cars attempting it??

I would have thought they're ideal, despite being bigger/heavier we use a 2 stroke petrol engines which are relatively strong and can be made to produce as much power as can be controlled with.....nitrous!.

A standard 23cc zenoah has about 4 bhp with good racing pipe fitted, a 26cc has around 4.3, again with a good tuned pipe fitted. Tuned they have around 5.9bhp and 6.7bhp respectively, but with nitrous the 26cc in the picture was tested up to 8.9 bhp and that limit was only set by the nitrous/fuel jets in the solenoids. The compression and ignition timing were all set-up with nitrous use in mind, plus the piston was tapered to prevent it nipping in the cylinder with the extra heat/pressure from the use of nitrous.

I'm sure with suitable gearing (2 or 3 speed box) and nitrous a 1/5th scale will be able to go very very quick.

Ian Oddie

Power Required Calculator