Monday, November 16, 2009

News from the USR 2009

I wasnt able to attend this years USR 2009. Here are some initial reports from the event posted on the ISC website.

From Nic Case:

Hi Everyone

The 2009 Ultimate Speed Run was awesome!

Here is where the photos & more info will be at this link.

11 New records in 12 classes -- But my previous record of 161.76 mph still stands.

40 entries from all over the country!

We had 9 go over 100 mph

Nic Case 154.43 mph
Tim Smith 126.50 mph
Richard Tompkins 121.43 mph
Paul Caruso 119.20 mph
Brian Sigsworth 112.14 mph
Brian Pohlman 103.23 mph
Tim Smith 101.61 mph
Jason Anderson 101.46 mph
Marc Davidson 101.24 mph

Congrats to all the Class Winners ---- More to come..............
Records were made to be broken

*Electric Standard*

Open Electric:
Nic Case - 161.76 mph

Electric Modified:
Tim Smith -126.5 mph

Electric Stock
Tim Smith -101.61 mph

Electric Stock 4WD:
Shawn Palmer - 71.36 mph

*Internal Combustion Standard*

IC Open:
Mark Davidson 97.75 mph

IC Big Block:
Jason Anderson 101.46 mph

IC Small Block 2WD:
Gary O’Connor 85.12 mph

IC Small Block 4WD:
Bernard Heredia 89.95 mph

*Specialty Classes*

Large Scale:
Bernard Heredia 97.96 mph

TJ Kendall 87.98 mph

Open Wheel:
Beau Ramelot 81.75 mph

Lito Reyes 92.32 mph

One of Nic Case's runs:

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