Sunday, July 19, 2009

Video: Comparing Speeds of 3s and 6s, 75mph RC8e

From Mike:

My friend wanted to see the difference between a 3S and a 6S in top speed, using the exact same setup for both lipo.

Setup is MMM 2650kv combo
We run a 21T pinion wich is the gearing used or bashing.
First part is 3S with offroad tires, to give an idea we use 5S for bashing... lol

Then we installed the OFNA foam and tested the difference , 1st is 3S MaxAmp 5250mah 30C, 2nd 3S Thunder Power 4200mah 40C, and last is 6S PolyRC 5000mah 30c.

The 3S thunder power had more punch and even a little more top speed than the maxamp...

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