Monday, May 11, 2009

Video: Joe Ford's ballistic Kyosho GT2

Joe Ford's personal builder, Joe Lammers

He said this about the car:

I started out wanting to have an r/c car that would come close to 100...what I ended up with is one that is WELL capable of much more than that. I teamed up with Kyosho, RC Monster, Hitec, and to come up with one MONSTER of an electric conversion. The stock vehicle ran very well, great engine compression, handled well...just needed e-power, more speed, and it had to be worthy of the Castle name that would be going on it.

Hitec donated some of their 5645MG servos for the steering and brake/throttle control. More than enough torque, and are super smooth!

RC Monster Mike donated a conversion kit for the GT2 that keeps the 2 speed transmission as well as the mechanical brake. The parts are of the HIGHEST quality! He also sent me out THE largest pinion I have EVER first glance you almost think the pinion is the spur!!! It was rather tedious to install since the gear closest to the motor mount blocked access to the hex head motor mount screws. After removing the center diff, adjusting the motor mount position, and putting it all back in place over and over we FINALLY got it to mesh PEFECTLY!!!

CheapBatteryPacks was kind enough to offer up one of the 6s 5300 30C lipos for juice. This pack has TONS of punch, and handles the current VERY well. After a nearly full run the pack was barely warm! Can't wait to try some of their new 5000mah 35C cells in there!

My employer, Castle Creations donated our 2200kv Monster Max combo for the project. With a motor based on Steve Neu's 1515/1Y motor (arguably the best motor manufacturer in the world), I knew I could expect some serious power, but was surprised at just how much I got. With the gearing I am running and current it is drawing the motor does need some time to cool down between runs (but it's do my nerves!). If I can get a handle on all the power the 2200kv system provides I'll be going up to the 2650kv motor with the same battery and gearing. It's currently geared for about 140mph, the 2650 would take it up to about 170mph according to Mike @ RCM.

The whole conversion process took approximately 2-3 hours max from start to finish. Very easy to do...especially with the assistance of this vid, and any of you speed demons out there that are looking to break 100mph without spending any more than you would on any other 1/8th scale e-conversion, I STRONGLY suggest you give the Inferno GT2 e-conversion a try.

LOTS more work to do on the vehicle to get it more stable at high speed, but I'm confident we'll overcome that soon. Keep your eyes peeled for update videos!!!!!!!!!

He also said this about the car:

Car is a Kyosho Inferno GT2, 2 speed tranny still in it, RC Monster conversion kit with special high speed pinion (dang near as large as the spur gears), 6s lipo, Monster Max 2200. Not sure how fast she's going, but it's not too shabby. Getting my neighbor (a KS Highway Patrolman) to radar it. The bigger the car, the slower it looks like it's going...know that from my pylon planes. Anyone care to estimate?

Joe Ford wanted to emphasize that this car can be put together with no custom components:

And yes, that's a bone stock Monster Max 2200 combo. Right out of the box, just like you can get at your LHS. I wanted to make it a point that none of the components I used in the vehicle could not be purchased by everyone. You can get everything in the car from a distributor online or LHS.

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