Sunday, June 28, 2009

ISC Closed Course speed run scheduled

It has just been announced that there will be an Insane Speed Run this year during the September Velodrome Nationals at the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indiana. There will be a designated practice for Insane Speed Run on Friday Sept. 11th and the Insane Speed Run will be run immediately following the 3rd Qualifier on Saturday Sept. 12 th. Here are the rules for the Insane Speed Run. The International R/C Speed Challenge will have their officials on site to make sure all cars and timing are legal to qualify for ISC Closed Course World records. This Insane Speed Run will be for Electric Classes only as the Major Taylor Velodrome does not allow gas cars to run on the track.

The classes will be:

Stock 2wd
Stock 4wd
Large Scale
Open Wheel

Here is some on-board racing of some non-insane speed run cars at the Major Taylor Velodrome:

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