Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jim Schauer 1.2819 ET @ 99 mph

Jim posted this on Sun Dec 02, 2007 in the forum:

"Thanks very much guys. As you know, the power available from these brushless systems is overwhelming but the faster we go, the more difficult it becomes to gain consistancy! Our new track surface is great and with cold , cloudy weather (and a couple of hours of rain) it was pretty much unchanged all day. This should lead to a whole bunch of 1.3's right? Well, the 2nd fastest pass was 1.44 or so by Nic Case. My other passes were 1.45, 1.47, 1.50, all dead straight but suffering from the dreaded MM stutter step. A couple of those passes were over 100 mph also.......the only difference between 1.28 & 1.47 seems to be the launch. If we ever get this figured out........."

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