Monday, March 17, 2008

UK Speed practice

Video from the UK speed event practice

From Matt:

We visited the second installment of the worlds fastest rc car championships again to get yet more practice before the worlds later in the year! Lots of good speed passes plus one smashed at 67mph into a concreate barrier! Worth the watch!


savagefreak (chris the mechanic)
Savage K.28 2 speed - 45.52mph

Traxxas Rustler VXL - 73.67mph

X1-CR Falcon .28 CPP'd - 74.60mph

tamiya tt-01 MM'd - 66.20mph

Inferno Twin C6 Engines - 73.31mph
Inferno OS .28 - 67.11mph
Fusion - 74.00mph

Ziggys V1RRR - 82.35mph

Electric Bike - 27.74mph
Nitro Bike - 51.89mph

Great coverage from the guys over in the UK! I cant wait to see higher speeds and better weather next time.

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ziggy12345 said...

I fitted the V2RRR single engine car with a tuned exhaust but the power band is so narrow the car stalled changing into 2nd. The 2nd gear needs to be lower ratio and the 1st needs to be higher. 82.35 was in 1st


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