Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Gordon Freeman's" Academy SBV2

"Gordon Freeman" posted some info on his speed demon:

So I have a car (Academy SBV2, 4WD 1/10 offroad) laying around, a spare MM, a 3S 3600 battery. I heard some guy going well over 100 with the CM7700 motor and a 4S pack. So I ordered the 7700.

Got it going today, did a few speed runs. I don't have anyway to measure it right now. Looked to be doing a good 60+. One run it flipped over so I added a front wing.

After just a few runs the ESC was about 150F the motor a little less. The batteries seem ok at just under 100F.

The last run destoyed the plastic outdrives (don't laugh), and melted the rear diff together. Hmmmm. They make steel outdrives for it, so I guess I'll be getting those. I have this funny feeling this may become a money pit. Grin

Looks like a good setup. I owe it to "Gordon" for the spreadsheet I use for doing speed calculations. He is the one that came up with the initial calculations and then I took his idea and added to it. I owe him one! Good luck on your build. I hope to see pics and videos.

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