Friday, August 22, 2008

Video: Randy's "Spare Parts" car - 81 mph

Randy's 81 mph pass. Gearing is 32/81 with a 2.25 transmission ratio.

Randy had this to say about the day of testing:

Well, another good morning of testing. I was able to go 60 mph on 2 cell. This is with 4800 Elites. I believe I can still get some more speed out of the 2 cell if I have a little more testing room. Right now I am at my limits of testing where I am at. Its just a little too uneven and lot quite long enough.

My other batteries came in the mail on Sat. so I was able to do some testing on 4 cell. I got a 81 mph run out of it, although it blew over in the process. Other than blowing out tire on the last run of the day, no real damage. I will be able to reglue the tire.

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