Sunday, September 2, 2007

Vega's speed run car

Some info on Vega's speed run car:

I just got my new RC car body, digital servo, speed meter.

Here are my modificaion:
The gear ratio was 2.166:1, and now it is 1.5:1.
New Body (Custom Works)
Speed meter: Venom
Futaba digital servo.

These are the specs and background info on his car:

I have read news about the fastest RC car in world, and now I'm following the news about fastest RC car on Nic's site

I have encouraged to build my own RC car and make it as fast as I can according to my background. I'm still reading about everything related to RC car and how to make it as fast as possible.

I have learned a lot about motor, and what factors that can make the car run fast.

My car specifications are:
Chassis: Custom Works Slider Kit.
Drive: 2W Front Drive
Radio: Futaba 3PK
Servo: Futaba S3305 (Maybe it will be changed to a digital servo)
Motor: NeuMotor 1509/2y
Gear ratio: 1.5:1 (it will bechanged to 1:1 or lowerif it is possible)
Tire: BSR Purple/Jaco Purple (Currently they are under the testing)
Batteries: 8s lipo

Total Motor RPM: 1820 (per volt)x 29.6 (8s lipo) = 53872
Tire diameter: 58-60 mm

I'm taking the worst case senario with consideration of factors (weather,air, wind, surface ... etc) that may affect the speed:
Total Motor RPM: 35000
Tire Diameter: 58mm
Gear ratio: 1.5:1

The speed has been calculated according to these sites:

Theaoritical Speed: 160+ mph
Practical Speed: ??

I took this car from the shelf, and nothing is hand made. All parts are on the shelf without any hand made.Except that I cut a small piece from car so that the motor can fit very well in its place.

Best regards,

More pics and info can be found on his blog.

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