Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another video of Nic Case's 161.76 mph run

New video footage from the run
Previous video

Nic had this to say about the run:

Shawn Palmer @ Schumacher ----- Supported me from he beginning!
Nick Maslowski for loaning me key equipment
Steve Rodgers @ Flight Power for great batteries & the help in he pits & retrieving the car
The People at Castle ------ great electronic equipment
Josh Tyler & Lou ----- for all the help during testing !
Steve Neu ------ building a great motor
All the people at RC4WD ----- for machining some great wheels !
Greg H & Freeman T --- for the support
Rob Donelson --- Brainstormer
Matt Shumaker --- Brainstormer
John Trino Brainstormer
Shawn Palmer--- Brainstormer
Frank Amestoy--- Brainstormer
Josh Reese— Brainstormer
Mike Ogle— Brainstormer
Brad Williams— Brainstormer
Bill Chaterlea --- Brainstormer
Robert Crysel Brainstormer-- & machining help
Ray Lathrop---- Brainstormer
Tony Lovering--- Brainstormer
Billy Weeks & Steve Earwood --- For having the event at such a great facility!

What a Rush!
Nic Case

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