Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pics from the U.K. "Gadget Show" filming

Chris's car after a long jump attemp
Take a look at that huge ramp!

The U.K. "Gadget Show" filmed some speedy and high flying cars this week. There was a high speed contest and a long jump contest. A new Guiness World record was set for a nitro car of 85mph. The longest jump was 148 feet. Chris, who attended the event, had this to say:

It was a great day, unfortunatley Nic couldn't run as the ESC packed in and his spares hadn't arrived in time Sad
the long jump was 148ft it landed great but bounce and rolled once landing back on its wheels but that didn't count Huh?
the presenter Jason drove my twin and managed 85mph wich was enough for the GWR to recognise it as a new record. to be fair to jason he did pretty well for a novice and we got what we wanted another land speed record recognised by guiness.
It was an interesting day with a few problems but a great atmosphere, were going back friday to try set a long jump record but as the rules are so strict its not going to be easy.
the hybrid rocket car was spectacular to watch especially in the dark.
thats about it guys


The show is expected to be aired on Monday December 15th at 8:00pm on Channel Five.

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