Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another insane Traxxas Rustler shooting for 100mph

From "PBO":

I know of up to 6 Rustlers attempting to crack the 100mph mark

There seems to be a lot of comment about nearly every aspect of each attempt, so I thought I'd throw my effort into the ring for a bit of flaming

Feel free to comment...


Motor = Neu 1515 1.5d
Lipo = 2 x Thunder Power 4S (3300 30C) in parallel
Gearing = 34 spur, 25 pinion Mod1
Wheels = Jato
Arms = RPM
Trans = stock
Shocks = Big bore
Shock towers = custom 4mm alloy/3mm CF
Chassis = custom 4mm alloy
Servo = stock
Body = XL5 modified
Front wing = inverted XL5 rear wing
Rear wing = BRP super wing
Wing mounts = custom alloy/CF


Anonymous said...

Do you make the rustler protype chassis? If so would love to purchase one. My car will do 100mph plus but need to lower the car.

Nice machine you have

Jay Williams

Nick Maslowski said...

I didnt make the chassis. Im not sure who did.

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