Friday, February 27, 2009

Jack's brushless 4-Tec

Jack has a nice setup to get his 4-Tec up to 75 mph and a lot more potential for future runs:

I recently decided to try for some top-end fun with my electric 4-tec...currently setup with the following:

CF chassis
4300kv BL motor (EZrun)
60amp BL ESC (EZ-run)
4000mah 3s1p LiPo
35p/78s gearing
Futaba 3PM FASST radio

....(Current GPS speed as of 2/26/09 - 75.2mph)....all testing is done with a Garmin forerunner 101 GPS mounted on the car.


The body looks very aerodynamic with some custom vertical stabilizers:

(the body is an) HPI Stocker.....with my custom vertical stabalizers of out of doors from a stadium truck body

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