Saturday, August 18, 2007

111.14 mph Sigurd Ruschkowski (10-9-2004)

A post from Sigurd concerning the skepticism of his results:

Race Results

There has been some skepticism about speeds being posted (in general - not just my speeds). I would like to address that skepticism regarding my two speeds below.

I can back my speed results up.

The time slip below could actually not be faked because there were a big competition that race day with around 50+ cars. To be able to register and be allowed to race, one had to be accepted by the race management and also the time equipment people. I then got an official race number, P3. Without such a number, one cannot get any time slips and cannot race at all at an event like this. My name "Sigge" was also registered with the number P3. When I raced, the race general and his staff had to make the time equipment guys start their system, and work the lights on the "Christmas Tree".

Also, there must have been more than 300 people in the audioence that could see my speeds on the large screens. They are my vitnesses.

About the radar gun measurement at 111.04 mph - I had vitnesses for that race, too.

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