Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nic Case Speed update

July 15 , 2007
Schumacher Fusion, with a Neu 1509 motor
July 15 , 2007
GMS Dragster, with a Neu 1110 motor

Update from Nic:

Just did a test run on July 15th & speeds are picking up a bit........

The Dragster is now at 135mph
& The Fusion is up 141mph

Here are the photos

For the Prototype car, I’m still having trouble getting a reading from the Venom speed-meter. This time, I think we my have figured out what the issue is....

****EMF -&- a low voltage receiver pack ****

So the solutions I'm going with are, a lipoly 2-cell receiver pack/with a Novak regulator. Repositioning my reviver so that the wires are not over the motor. & One last thing,,,,,,,,, use a separate battery pack , just for the speed meter.


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