Saturday, August 18, 2007

Update: Nic Cases's speeds

From Nic Case:
Just did a test of my 3 cars ----
& this is the video of each of their fastest runs.
What is your guess on each of their speeds?

Each car was recorded with a radar gun & a on-board speedometer.

Update (7/3/07) Nic Says:

The answers are..................

115mph with first car. 12th scale GMS dragster
130mph with a Schumacher Fusion
Both of these had consistent readings with a Venom speed meter.

The Last car we estimate about 150mph. The speed meter actually read 250mph, but that is obviously wrong. It was mounted on a "slave" wheel. I think the way it was mounted caused the discrepancy.

With all this in mind, "How Fast do you think the last car was?"

Nic Case

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