Saturday, August 18, 2007

91.3 mph World Drome 2003 (5-11-2003)

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Translated from Japanese to English using Google:

2003 May 10th, with the Olympic official recognition bank inside the Izu cycle sport center, oval race/lace of RC world magazine sponsorship, WORLD DROME 2003 was held on the 11th. “It is the electromotive car,”--As for basic regulation you say that it is only that, the record, where just insane (sanity is not) challenges to the limit of the electromotive R/C car with " Insane Speed Run " the Higuchi player of HPI, whether 遙 exceeds the speed record 136km/h of last year at speed, predecessor unexplored 147/km/h inside was raised.

[insensupidoran], the race/lace day, the wind to be strong was not the excessively good condition very. Starting to use [bureshiresumota], it is 5th year, but every year it was bothered in radio wave trouble and the record to which agreement goes had not put out. This year, it took a second look the helicopter loading site of the receiver thoroughly, could arrive at last in the latest record.

As for the course of USA, for the Japanese course 250m with 1 lap, to carry to the highest speed shortly vis-a-vis being lap 333m, because it is very difficult usually, as for 1st week acceleration lap 2nd lap the measurement lap, 3rd as for lap is the feeling such as cool down, but this time, it seems that can do 3rd lap full opening travelling beforehand accelerating, it was the result.

As a future topic, it seems that 1st it can open fully can travel to lap if it keeps accelerating, whether further record renewal possibility it is thought. Goal is to exceed “over the ton” 100 miles 160Km/h at average speed. Next year is the intention of trying aiming for the 155Km exceeding first with the improvement and cell number of acceleration method as 26 cells.

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