Saturday, August 18, 2007

Video: A J Lovering's test run #2

Here is what AJ has to say about the run:

1st run with new pulleys and belts

We managed to find a nice open car park with nobody in it to test the car and the plan was to run with one engine to loosen the drive train up then do a quick run with three engines to see how it goes.

As you can see the car was running OK with one engine but what you don't see on the video the jobs worth security guard who came over and told us to bugger off. This was just after running one engine. I decided to ignore him and start all thee engines anyway and do a quick blast.

You can see that the middle exhaust mount comes loose and so we had to abandon the attempt.

Even with the short blast the car had way too much power. The wheels were spinning at the blip of the throttle and this is with the practice engines 2 of which were not run in and all very rich with hardly any power!!

This is OK as the gearing is standard 1/8th gearing with top speed of 65 mph. When the high gearing is installed the wheel spin will be minimal.

The exhaust lugs were only held on with epoxy so i didnt expect them to last. We will re solder them in place and its off to find another car park for a decent test.

Thanks to Jez for the help.

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