Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mike Ogle interview

Mike Ogle

There is a great interview with Mike Ogle on Here Mike responds to "What do you think it will take for the rc drag and high speed segments to really take off and become more popular? Can it ever happen?":

My opinion, yes has the potential become the “Next Big Thing” . What does the average hobbyist do when they get their first car? They blast it down the cul-de-sac, straight away from them, as fast as they can go... It’s a real speed rush, we all did it. Well, that is the very essence of drag racing, and speed running. You can compete in a drag race (or speed run) almost immediately, even before you master all that right-left turning mucky-muck, LOL!

...there’s not really a sanctioning body specially for setting up the standards for Rc speed runs. Is Nic Case’’s 130+ mph run at Car Action’s WFRCCC the “”Official” record speed? Is Air Age publishing a “sanctioning” body? No, they’re not, they are most interested in presenting a good story for their magazine, not establishing any kind of standards for reproducing these types of events nationwide.. That’s not their business. What if somebody else blasts out a 150 in a parking lot in Iowa this summmer? What makes that “”not” the new “official” record? It’s just that the overwhelming publicity of the Air Age event gives it more credence than the guy in Iowa. I think we could use a published set of nationally-recognized standards for these types of competitions to flourish.

Here is the full interview.

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