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97.4 mph World Drome 2006 (12-28-2006)

"Toshiyuki Hane gets second place in the Verodrome style speed run trial (Japan), going at 97.4 mp/h (156.8 km/h) average speed. Motor: Lehner 1940/5 HI-AMP"

All the descriptions are translated from japanese to english with google:

This chassis completion state.
Well enough being settled clearly, it is GOOD. Cell number being maximum, 24 is recorded at 4/5SUBC size.
Unless well it rides and the [ma] just inhales and, it carries out and does in lever frame whether it is useless it is doubt, but…. Actually it is the intention of trying from around 16 cells.

The training SO and the battery does not end, it is yo which is!!

Already already, the battery 16 cell it trains and impairs and yo which is the red sandal wood in failure!!

In addition, also will simulation at all designate one gear as several? Being troubled, the [ru] it is yo which is!!

[a] [a] [a] [a] ~ sleeping [te] [e] ~~~. (Breaking

(The [a] [a] ~ and the [u] it is and wait the [e] ~~ is)

yo and yo, is. yo and yo, is,……….

Now then” when with it becomes, it is accustomed to the fool to here, (blast”

So as [yu] [u] declaration of intention please think (burst of laughter.

This is the motor. It has liked with color of my taste, (laughing. In LMT HI-AMP specification, the 呆 [re] it could point to [rena], it is 3.17mm shaft specification, (the ^^; . NG it probably will put out this shaft diameter without fail with this power, is.

The gear has used 32 pitches from last year production. After all with total destruction, it could not accelerate the spur of the certain corporation of pre- with 48 pitches honestly and the [te], was troubled it is disposal. The spur of xenon very much is good to the association being strong, is, there was no kind of thing where one time the tooth is defeated to brush less power. But, even 1/8 racing 48 pitch uses are not said are… with the [tsu] lever 32 pitches were adopted.

This mechanics.
From this year now the [tsu] [po] [ku], the texture [te] you looked at BEC with the lipo +NOVAK regulator.
The amplifier with [rena] designated ones, rather [sugo] so is the thing. Because the place where this ESC is good has designated high power as use prerequisite, the fact that it can program the help function which makes various drives simple with PC is GOOD. But, with that doing, the sensor less brush less it starts coming out and abruptness it is abnormal. Depending, unless last year we would like to see, the thinking which is shy we must do, it is meaning. When excessive function is freely used, the program selfishly, pre- with perceiving to dropping power, the intention of making minimum requirement, completely was start impossible, (laughing. But, as for speed however preponderantly pre- from, the kind of air which has come out does, don't you think?. Well trying fumbling here, it is the schedule which searches the best.

After, it was cause of course out of last year, the hinge pin of the upper arm from simply inserting type, was modified in e-clip system. Although such a [mon] coming out it was not, the vibration [sugoi] it is the combining which probably will be.

After you do not happen to see easily, the European connector of big size.
In Europe being called the 200A connector, being something which it sells, the touch area is more than usual European, is. You adhere to the connector with something? When the former times car burns up, there is no nipper, [te] broken wire not to be possible, after the [te], everyone's umbrella it is the car [shiba] he growing hoarse, is, (laughing. With favor, the car to become true [tsu] two, the cord/code to be torn off, because there is the experience which thinks cruelly is, (laughing. Also everyone by all means in the pocket patience please by all means, or attaches the connector, or does the nipper (laughing.

It was simple, but you introduced, (mOm).

It perseveres with spirit of the birthday man,… the year? Long ago, it is [ojii], (殴.

It is starting in rear several hours, but you cannot sleep easily, (the ^^; .
Tidying up, it is to think, but consequence or the baggage of the air is many, is, (blast. The [doromu] production large doing, it seems that does not change (nuclear blast.

Well the photograph before breaking into pieces, is the game car of this year when you store to the photograph.

In schedule 4 these tries +α verification travelling is planned. As expected, it is accustomed to the man or, rusty#2・・・.

Because plural UP it has not done the photograph, dividing once here, it introduces inside the body.

This is a PDF of the data aquisition during his run

"Toshiyuki Hane gets second place in the Verodrome style speed run trial (Japan), going at 97.4 mp/h (156.8 km/h) average speed. Motor: Lehner 1940/5 HI-AMP"

I came across this article when i was working on my own speed run trial car. The website that I have a link to is all in Japanese. I think its supposed to be "Velodrome". But anyway, this is pretty cool. There are more links (translated to english) here and how he built his car here

Also on Lehner's website they have a new record for an r/c boat going 140.4 mph. Video here:

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