Saturday, August 18, 2007

Video: tcolesen's HV Electric Savage Speed Run

Tcolesen posted some pics of his crazy fast electric Savage:
I attended the WFRCCC (I was the guy with the rock crawler, for those who saw it ), but I didn't bring anything. Now, I wish I had started on this project sooner so I could have challenged the guys in the MT class.

I had a Savage laying around for a good 8-10 months, collecting dust. The idea was that I would convert it to electric when I got the chance, so I did. Except this is a high-power electric! Here's what I did to the Savage:

-worked on the diffs, filled them with oil and set the mesh just about perfectly (very smooth, yet very strong), and installed the 4-spider gear setup with the HPI aluminum diff cups
-bought a Castle Creations HV-110 brushless airplane ESC (using a PiStix adapter for car use)
-bought a Feigao 540 12XL, and installed two Boca 5x11x5mm ceramic bearings
-hooked up and mounted 10s2p A123 (33v 4600mah, capable of 5HP peaks)
-made a completely custom center diff and motor mount
-rigged up a custom mechanical brake setup (Hyper 8 dual disks with HPI pads, custom linkages)
-custom mounted the steering and brake servos
-bought HPI Phaltline tires on wheels, belted the front tires with strapping tape, and reglued all of the tires (HPI can't glue worth a ****)
-installed HPI CVDs in the front

And here are the results:

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