Saturday, August 18, 2007

AJ Lovering converting to 4wd drive

AJ says:

The side belt fitted perfectly and the belt tensioner moves the belt down just enough so the belt does not foul the 1st engine exhaust manifold.

The drive train is as follows

Front tyres 70mm.
Front axle one way with 24T pulley
Front layshaft pulley 17T
Front side pulley 14T
Middle side pulley 19T
Middle pulleys 18T
Rear layshaft pulley 16T
Rear axle pulley 18T
Rear tyres 75mm

2nd speed pinion 22t
2nd speed spur 44t

This give a 2nd gear final drive ratio of 2.25
A top speed at 41,000 rpm of 157 mph
and a front to rear overdrive ratio of 1.0094

I'll be testing the car tomorrow at Long Marston Drag Strip

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